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Marketing Audit

What is Marketing Audit?

It is a process where we will perform full Audit analyses of your business.We will get into each and every detail of what you are doing and how you are doing and will find better solutions for you to cut the cost and get the results you are looking.

We will also give you a full report of recommendation after conducting the full audit and if you want us to take it from there we will train people and give them guidance on what they need to do.

Marketing Audit We can do for you

Marketing Audit We can do for you

Follow the customer's journey through one of your digital marketing campaigns

  • Look for effective handovers from search engine pages deep into your site
  • Consider the customer's experience of your landing page
  • Review the marketing goal of each web page and look for improvements

Relationship marketing and Segmentation
Critically analyse your segmentation strategy and how decision-makers, influencers and other stakeholders are treated by your business Examine how customers are converted and the connection to relationship marketing programmes
Measuring performance and your marketing KPIs
Check you're capturing marketing and audience activity data effectively Consider which data are most meaningful for your business Review or set the key performance indicators based on what matters most, for example number of site visitors that match target profile, number of conversion rates for email sign-ups, dwell time etc – but find the right KPIs for your specific goals rather than simply using page impressions and email sign-ups
Explore the cost per impact
Develop a model for calculating the cost per impact for customers in your digital channels Review the different types of impacts you have and weight them to reflect the value they give the business Repeat the process with classic media, and traditional sales and marketing channels