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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management


PPC Marketing

for a brand or a company to make people aware of your brand or company , You need your website to be on the top to get noticed.
  • We provide a full pay per click advertising service using industry best practices, fully trained (and certified) PPC managers and state of the art bid management technology. Our service includes everything required to successfully manage your campaign which  includes

    • Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) as agreed with the client to clearly demonstrate progress.
    • Set up conversion tracking technology to track sales, inquiries and telephone calls to optimize for more conversion actions
    • Regular keyword research and refinement including; Addition of keywords & negative keywords
    • A: B testing of new advert copy and advert types
    • Development and A: B testing of new website landing pages to increase conversion rates and performance (If our landing page service is accepted)
    • Implementation of all possible AdWords features where appropriate such as Ad extensions including; Price, call out, calls, site links, rich-snippets and call outs.
    • Identification of seasonal trends and implementation of strategies to take advantage of them
  • PPC will help boost your sales and also build a reputation to be recognized by your customers. it will build traffic on your website

  • We will send you a detailed report of your PPC campaigns which will show the progress and how we are moving towards achieving our goals.
Video Advertising
Video Advertising
Video advertising is a part of the PPC marketing, It helps to boost the brand awareness and build an audience for the specific service or product globally and locally.
PPC Remarketing
PPC Remarketing
Remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site. IT helps you reach people who have visited your website or used your app. Previous visitors or users can see your ads as they browse websites that are part of the Google Display Network, or as they search for terms related to your products or services on Google.
Social Advertising
Social Advertising
Social media is used to build the brand and to increase your brand awareness, It will also help you to engage with your customers and deliver best customer service, using social advertising you can target and generate sales and deliver marketing communications. ( Facebook advertising.twitter and partner network on social sites)
Display Advertising
Display Advertising
Display advertising is very effective when used along with other digital marketing campaigns, If you want to expand your reach to the targeted customer, We will use display network advertising to display your advertising on video and other partner networks of google or bing to increase your traffic which will help in your ROI.
PPC Management Provided
Social Advertising Projects
Successful PPC Remarketings
Successful PPC Remarketings
PPC Marketing- How we will help you

PPC Marketing- How we will help you

We will analyze your business objective and how your website is performing first than in the second stage we will investigate the problem areas which need to bring forward.

We will then start working on those key areas which required focus to implement the pay per click  (PPC) marketing strategy which will include your keyword research,  tracking touch points,  your campaign setup, advertising budget management, bidding and running the campaigns.

We will keep you posted about the performances and the results of conversation about your PPC campaign and will send you the detailed report.

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PPC Starter
  • Startup company
  • Keyword Research
  • Site performance
  • Setting up Campaign
  • building right traffic
  • Conversation tracking
  • report

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PPC Premium
  • Website Analyse
  • coding to the website and tags
  • Setting up campaign
  • Keyword optimisation
  • keyword research
  • Bidding management
  • conversation tracking
  • report

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Advance PPC
  • Site structure analyse
  • web coding and tags implemenation
  • Keyword research
  • Setting up three different campaigns
  • Bidding management
  • Web anaytics
  • tracking all goals and conversations
  • integrating with socal

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